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  A Unique System

The Bio Culture system of processing waste into organic fertiliser is generating enormous interest from all sectors of Government and commerce, in developed and developing countries.

Companies in developed countries are interested because non-chemically grown produce enjoys a high level of consumer acceptance and demand, and companies in developing countries are interested because it results in use of local raw materials and components.

Governments are concerned with minimising ecological and contamination problems, as well as reducing imports.



Technology Claims
There are several companies worldwide that claim to have the technology to produce organic based fertilisers from waste products; most of these products are simple compost.

Bio Culture technology results in the manufacture of a waste sourced organic based fertiliser at a fraction of the cost of chemical fertilisers, and provides horticultural solutions not possible with chemical fertilisers.

When comparing the range of waste management technology available globally, only BioCulture has the technology which ensures the over 80% of plant and equipment required for the establishment of a waste management and fertiliser manufacturing operation can be sourced in the client country.

The Bio Culture System is purpose designed to be sourced in all parts of the globe, ensuring that a small part of the plant cost is expended in importing expensive equipment from developed countries.

Its competitors’complicated systems, with high levels of reliance on very expensive and complex technology and equipment require a substantial part of the plant cost to be spent in Europe or USA.

Only Bio Culture’s system is a blend of new technology and operational procedures with low maintenance and operational skills.







Total Turn-Key Contract

Bio Culture hands over the complete operational package, including formulae, etc. thus guaranteeing that on completion of the plant there is no contractual obligations by the client to Bio Culture for ongoing advice, additives, or plant and equipment parts.

All obligations after the plant’s completion are on Bio Culture to ensure the the client’s personnel are fully trained and totally capable of operating the plant efficiently.


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