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  An Australian Company located in Perth, Western Australia

The Beginning

Bio Culture came into being as a result of an agreement by a small group of dedicated professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in waste management, organic recycling, organic fertilizer and animal feed production.

This group got together with some successful business leaders, and realized they shared a clear vision and range of objectives.

They all held a strong belief that the disposal of waste was a universal problem, and that the world needed solutions to waste disposal that was simple, environmentally safe, affordable, and the solution needed a cost recovery component.


Years of research, testing, and development, together with some of the top engineering groups and University Research Departments in Australia followed, and a clear vision for Bio Culture’s direction became clear.

The first research stages developed the BioCulture organic fertilizer system;

A process to convert organic waste into a rich pelletised fertilizer in less than thirty days, in a modern plant with modern technology that guaranteed that the product was always of a constant standard and quality.

This system is unique in the world, in terms of its simple fail safe process that is easy and economical to operate and maintain, and most importantly over 75% of the total plant and equipment can be sourced in the host country.

The second stages resulted in the unique and patented Biofeed system.

This system relies initially on the same principles and process as the organic fertilizer system, but is extended to turn organic waste into a protein rich and nutritious range of animal feeds.

The Biofeed system recognizes the valuable nutrients, vitamins, and proteins that are inherent in discarded domestic and commercial refuse, puts the mixture through a “pasturising” process that makes it one of the safest feed stocks in the world, and blends it with a cocktail of additives to produce a range of feeds that exceed the nutritional and safety standards of comparable commercial feeds.

With a production cost that is a fraction of commercial feed operations, as the raw materials are sourced virtually at no cost.


The Bio Culture systems were planned to meet certain challenges in the waste disposal industry, and do so with results that will meet the expectations of all organizations in need of waste disposal solutions worldwide.

Above all it adheres strictly to the objectives it set out with at the start of research, and they are objectives shared by its clients and customer base:

To process waste into a product that is usable, and in demand.
The process must be efficient and environmentally safe.
The process must have very low operating costs, and require low maintenance.
The plant and equipment can be sourced where possible in the host country.
The sale of the product must generate a profit, and turn the waste disposal operation into a sound commercial revenue generating venture.


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